Browser Wars

Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox have been battling it out for years in a fight to become the worlds most popular browser.

Over the last couple of years aggressive marketing has enabled Google’s Chrome browser to muscle its way to a sizable market share. Statistics for the usage of Operating systems such as Windows and OS X provide extremely useful insights into how your audience interact with your brand online. These browser and operating system stats may appear to be information that doesn’t influence how you manage your website, but watching these trends can give great insight into your audience and their expectations.

Check your website on a mobile device. Can it be viewed correctly and does it function adequately? The percentage of web traffic using mobile devices has increased by over 100% in the last 12 months and now represents nearly 20% of all web traffic. Apple mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone represent 75% of all this mobile traffic, so make sure your site works on an iphone. Android is second with 22%.


Source: Uploaded by Mohd on Pinterest