Company Logo Design

Clients come to Stepto & Son with existing brands. Brands they were very proud of a few years ago but when they look at their business card now, it doesn’t excite them anymore. The logo and brand identity is looking a bit dated and tired. Maybe it was created when funds were tight or maybe it had to be done in a hurry.

Stepto & Son follow three different steps when creating a new company logo design for our clients.

The budget will always dictate how long can be spent on each of these steps, but whatever the budget ensure that sufficient time is spent on each one.

  • Step 1: Discovery Phase. This is the most important step where you should try to understand the industry, the business sector and the company. This is done by researching your competitors and attempting to identify your target audience. We will often meet with the client in order to gather information, as well using a client questionnaire to help identify additional goals.
  • Step 2: Concept Development. This is where you get out your sketch books and brainstorm ideas based on the research carried out in the previous phase. At this stage there is no such thing as a bad idea. The best ideas should be developed and the concepts behind them noted and explored. The developed designs should then be submitted for review. This review process will often be in the form of a meeting or call to fully explain the concepts and aims with each design.
  • Step 3: Design Finalisation. Based on the client feedback and discussions regarding the designs that were submitted, the favoured concept should be fine tuned and resubmited for final sign off. If sufficient time was invested in the first two stages then the third step should require only the minimal of tweaking and fine tuning.

By carrying out these 3 steps, we have been able to produce logo designs that are thoughtful and inspiring, and most importantly tailor-made for the client.

Our previous articles on how much is a new logo, and the benefits that an update to a tired logo can have on your company prompted some interesting feedback. So this week we have documented the tried and tested ’3 Steps’ that Stepto & Son will go through to create a successful company logo design for our clients.

If you would like any further information, or would like to enquire about a new company logo design for your business, then please contact us here.