How much is a logo?

Logo and brand design represents a large part of our business at Stepto & Son.

You probably remember all the bad press that the 2012 Olympic logo received when it was unveiled in March 2008. A BBC study reported a 80% negative reaction when it was first revealed. Four years on, and with the Olympics still ringing in our ears, the logo is now accepted and highly recognised throughout the world and has clearly answered the brief; to make a logo that would engage young people, be noticed and portray the excitement of the London Games. This logo designed by branding agency Wolff Olins is rumored to have cost £400,000 and took 18 months to approve.

London 2012 Olympic Logo - Nike Logo

One of the most easily recognisable brands in the world is NIKE. Their ‘Swoosh’ has become so iconic that the company name is no longer included in the logo. The design for this logo, commissioned in 1971, was based on the wing of the Greek goddess of victory and is thought to have cost Phil Knight (the founder of NIKE) $35 and taken a mere 17 hours to complete by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at Portland State University.

“How many places are you going to use your logo?”

These two examples show us that the time and cost needed for a new identity or logo can vary tremendously therefore there can be no fixed price for a logo. When you are commissioning a designer to create a logo and brand identity for your business consider the following things.

  • How many places are you going to use your logo?
  • Most companies need a business card and stationary, but will you see your logo on the side of company vans, above your door or perhaps even in letters four feet high on the front of your building?
  • How many times a day will you and your customers interact with your logo?
  • What is your brand worth to your business?

If you are ready to discuss your requirements, or would like further information on how we can create a new logo for your business, then please contact us here.