Mobile as Standard

Whether you are looking to update your current site or commission a completely new website, your first step will always be to select a website design agency that’s right for you and your business.

Not all agencies are created equal…

Here are some of the common complaints from clients that we have heard:

  • Being charged for every site update, no matter how small…
  • Content management systems (CMS) that are impossible to manage…
  • Websites that are unreadable on an iPhone…
  • We even heard of one company that was charging £800 for each email newsletter and over £1000 a year for basic web hosting.

Nowadays, receiving traffic from mobile phones is no longer surprising, it is the norm. All new websites need to be phone, tablet and touch enabled so that they format correctly and function perfectly on iOS, Android and Windows phones. If your website design agency wants to charge extra for making your new website mobile friendly, you could argue that they are not providing a website that is fit for purpose in 2013 let alone for the next two years.

It’s clear that the right agency can have an enormous impact on the success of your online strategy and a great one will become a valuable and trusted partner for your business.

Getting it right!

Stories like these will inevitably lead to unhappy clients and in time cause the breakdown of any relationship. So how can you ensure that you choose the right agency for your website design project? We have put together the following checklist which should help. We believe that a successful and confident website design agency should include the following items as standard for all new website design and development projects:

  • Optimised for desktop, tablet and phone screens and be fully ‘touch’ enabled
  • Feature Responsive design
  • Bespoke and uniquely creative design
  • Fully content managed, with all areas of the site being editable and accessible
  • 120 days free support for edits, bug fixes and tweaks
  • Social media integration
  • Affordable Hosting
  • On page Search Engine Optimisation for an agreed keyword set
  • In-house website development
  • Full ownership of website source files
  • Cross browser testing
  • HTML5 and CSS3

Stepto & Son Design

Stepto & Son Design are a full service digital agency based in North London. We create beautiful and always bespoke websites and mobile apps, built using the latest development techniques and optimised for today’s mobile web. We have fifteen years of digital experience and combine creativity, with obsessive attention to detail to ensure professional and effective website and mobile app design and development.

We are able to help with all areas of effective communication with your target audience and specialise in the following services:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • E-Commerce development
  • App design & development
  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile web
  • Content management systems
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • User interface design
  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • HTML 5 & CSS3
  • Ongoing management
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Social media strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Hosting infrastructure

Can we help?

If you would like to discuss your requirements or want further information on how we can help with your website design or development project then please contact us. We are based in Primrose Hill, North London and would be delighted if you gave us a call on 020 7722 3228 or email us at