Search Engine Optimisation has the highest volume of traffic on the web and 90% of all search traffic originates from their search results pages. Of this huge number of people using Google, over 94% do not look past the first page of search results. Ranking on page one of Google is therefore critical to your online visibility. Not only does it provide the highest volume of traffic to your website, but it also instils trust in your clients and is often used as a gauge to the importance of your company.

An effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy is a vital component for the marketing of any website and will provide an increased share of this valuable web traffic. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of how we might recommend a website market themselves through organic search, it also outlines how an effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign would be implemented.

The Process

There are four main steps in achieving high rankings in the organic listings in the search engines for your website.

  1. The first step is Keyword Research – This is the most important factor when starting any SEO campaign. We will conduct extensive keyword research analysis. We will analyse thousands of keywords, looking at the search figures and the competition levels. From this research we will draw up a list of keywords that we think are possible target keywords for your business.
  2. The second step is  Competitor Analysis – As well as sifting through thousand of keywords we will thoroughly research exactly what type of campaigns your competitors are running and what keywords they are targeting. We will reverse engineer this information to understand exactly where they are getting their links and what methods they are using, so that we can ensure that your campaigns are highly targeted are ultimately more effective.
  3. The third step is On-Page Optimisation – We will optimise the relevant pages of your website, making sure the search engines can easily understand the content and importance of each page. This is all about laying the foundations for an effective Search Engine Optimised website that the search engines understand, approve and rank well.
  4. The final step is Off-Page Optimisation – We will launch an inbound link campaign that focuses on generating high quality, high value links, directly related to the content of your site.

Stepto and Son have many years of proven search engine optimisation experience. We have worked with companies looking to optimise huge database driven websites containing tens of thousands of pages, e-commerce sites that work from page templates, and of course smaller custom built sites.

Our expertise lie in combining recognised on-page optimisation techniques with smart and scalable site architecture, together with a solid and manageable off page SEO strategy. This combination provides an excellent opportunity for natural and more importantly free search traffic. We will ensure that the site is constructed using optimised code and structure, and be implemented to maximise the effect of your content and to gain natural search traffic.

An effective SEO strategy will always start with an analysis of the keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your business. This is the most important stage, as not identifying the right phrases that you want to appear on, could at worst get you no traffic or at best get you traffic that doesn’t convert, either of which severely limits your sites future growth.

Depending on your budget we will work with you to determine the target keywords and key phrases and then help you to create content based around these terms.