Keyword Research

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) projects will always start with an analysis of the keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your business. This is the most important stage in any SEO strategy as skipping this step will restrict your sites growth and performance. Without the correct keywords and phrases in place you risk having no traffic at all or at best, traffic that doesn’t convert.

Keyword research will determine which keywords are most appropriate for your website to target.  We are looking for a combination of:

  1. Commercial Intent of the searcher – Is the person searching for this keyword, likely to be interested in your services.
  2. High Volume of searches – We’d like to optimise for terms that a significant volume of people are already searching for information about.
  3. Reasonable Competition – Is there enough room in this niche that we can realistically expect to get Page 1 Google search engine results in a reasonable amount of time.

There are a number of free keyword research tools out there that can be used during this process. These include:

If you are carrying out your own keyword research it might also be worth using Google’s own advanced search features: (all of these keyword research tools have often unearthed great high traffic keywords and phrases where the competition is weak.)

  • allinanchor:’your-keyword’ Click here for an example which returns web pages that contain text links with the keyword or key phrase in the anchor text. The more of these you find for a given keyword or phrase then typically the more competition you will have for that term.
  • ~’your-keyword’ Click here for example which highlights (in bold) search terms related to the keyword. This demonstrate related words or phrases that Google has identified to be similar.
  • allintitle:’your-keyword’ Click here for an example that returns results of websites that contain the keyword or key phrase in their title tag. This is a clear sign that they are intentionally targeting traffic on that phrase.

Once this initial research is complete we will brainstorm with you to uncover the opportunities that are most closely aligned to your products or services, identifying and prioritising the most valuable keywords.

We would also recommend that this process of identifying keywords be reviewed periodically to take into account changing search habits, Google’s own search algorithm tweaks as well as seasonal effects and fashions. If you need any further information or would like help with your SEO strategy then please contact us here.

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